Residential Painting


Residential painting can be a cost-effective, stress-free way to give your home a facelift. Whether you are just rejuvenating, doing a renovation, or getting your house ready for market, with our expertise, we make the project pain-free for our customers. We aim for over-the-top results every time, on time, and on budget.

Whether it be a simple change of colour or keeping up with the latest colour trends, re-painting your home will keep it fresh, and change the atmosphere.

Choosing colours can be challenging. We can help, as we determine whether you want bright vibrant colours, or more subtle hues for a soothing and relaxing environment. And, of course, we take into consideration your furniture and decor.

Residential Painting Interior

Preparation is the key to success with any painting project and it all begins with patching any cracks or holes in the walls. We then make sure to sand any areas that need to be addressed, and prep the walls for cleaning, as this will help ensure an excellent adhesion for a long-lasting high-quality result.

At Eastern Hills Renovations & Repairs customer service is what we believe in, and this starts with communication. We will keep you in the loop throughout the entire painting process from start to finish. You will be consulted on which rooms or areas to paint first, any concerns about the paint job, completion timelines, and any details about security and safety you may have.

Additionally, all projects, big or small, are then signed off by one of the owners of EHR before the project is considered complete. Even after we’re gone you can rest soundly, as all of our painting is covered by a two-year limited warranty.


Residential Painting Exterior

There’s no doubt the weather here in Southern Ontario can be extremely hard on the exterior of your home.  Snow, rain and humidity can lead to cracks in your paint, which will cause a build-up of mold and mildew over time. This can ruin window casings, sidings, shingles, porches, decks, stairs, and pretty much anything else made of wood.  

Surfaces not looked after properly will not only look worn out, but could have structural damage.

Painting your exterior surfaces with a new coat of paint or stain will not only upgrade their appearance, but also provide a protective barrier against the elements.

Be it a renovation, or a new look and feel to the exterior of your home, a professional paint job is an easy and cost-effective way to making your property look great, increase curb appeal, and boost the value.

The cost of a paint job is nothing, compared to the cost of replacing water-damaged pieces of your beautiful home!

EHR will deliver top-quality results, no matter the type of exterior surface you wish to have painted. Selecting the right colour and texture is vital to setting the mood of your home. Other things that must be factored into this decision are the colours and textures which will complement your architectural and landscaping elements. Rest assured, we will help you through this entire process to make sure your personal style is reflected, and your vision is a reality.

To guarantee over-the-top results the EHR team will prepare your exterior surfaces for paint by cleaning and scraping all surfaces to remove any dirt, mold, mildew, and any other substances. This process will ensure the paint bonds properly to the surface and give you long-lasting results, even through the harshest of Ontario weather.

Why Hire Eastern Hills Renovations & Repairs?

Our experienced team of painters will do the job right, on time, and make sure you’re completely satisfied.

A dedicated on-site manger will ensure the project goes smoothly, and will keep you updated at all times.

We only use top-quality paints, primers and stains.

All surfaces are properly prepared and painted, to ensure a high-quality finish and long lasting durability, protecting your valuable residential property.

For peace of mind, we have full Worker’s Compensation coverage and Liability Insurance.

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