Landscaping Services

At EHR we also provide Landscaping Services, where we focus on creating unique spaces.

It all starts at the planning phase. During your free initial consultation, we will ask, “what do you need?”. We are here to listen and to understand your vision.

We will then walk with you on your property so we can get a feel of the land and its challenges. Then, together, we will look at innovative design solutions and form a plan to make sure your space reflects your wishes, meanwhile exceeding your expectations.


The ground is the foundation of every project, and it all starts there. Whether your garden needs to be built up, levelled, mulched, fertilized or planted, our landscape team is here for you. Leave the heavy lifting to us and let us use our connections with local companies to ensure a smooth project.

What your plants grow in makes a difference and we like to make sure the soil will nurture and feed your plants and shrubs. Every property has different aspects – sunny, shady, arid or waterlogged and we can help you decide on what grows best where. Mulch is also a great way to cover and protect your plants when the weather gets hot or cold, and applying the proper amount of mulch will also prevent weeds from taking over your garden.

Landscaping Services


Our team is also able to install a new lawn using farm fresh sod and quality topsoil. We will prepare the area and then roll out the sod for an instant green lawn you can enjoy for many years. Another great option is for us to come and prepare your lawn with sod and apply high quality grass seed. This is a cost-effective option and a great option for sloped lawns and hard to reach areas.


Want a beautiful lawn but without the hassle of cutting and maintaining it year round? We can help by creating a carefree lawn with artificial turf.

For both residential or commercial projects adding artificial turf has many benefits, especially in high traffic areas. These areas remain virtually mud-free and they always look great.

Ever dream of a one-of-a-kind putting green in your back yard? We can make that a reality.

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